¡Ponies are offensive!
Pony blogs that don't update often offend me

Shit just got real, Nessa

Uhm excuse you it's very monosexist of you to not recognize that it is in fact appleraridash that is canon

As an omnisexual demiromantic superkind pinkie pie ships twilaridashlleshypie

check your privilege

I'm offended that you mentioned Rarijack but not Flutterdash. Everybody knows Flutterdash is best OTP!

sorry anon but flutterdash was created by the patriarchy and promotes abusive and ableist relationships that are harmful to transhorseian queer persons

I'm offended that Hasbro won't make AppleDash a canon pairing. Obviously they're perfect for each other because opposites attract, and they really just need to bang already.

sorry anon but everypony knows rarijack is canon as fuck

I am offended that you don't update as regularly as you usually do, the new season has been plenty offensive! So many things, like Power Ponies, they get sucked into a comic book! I tried to find a magic comic book and all i got was paper cuts!

I know bbs but I have a life now hahaha

okay I’ll be really offended tomorrow just for you <3 I’ll even post things

I am offended by the fact that you think hasbro purpousley trys to offend you. Here is a hint. They dont.

Hey all. Second mod here.

This was too cute not to publish.

This blog offends me because it's too awesome and I love it and it's keeping me from doing my homework. >:I

lmao I need constant reminders that it even exists

thanks though c:

me once I started watching the horse show again


omg <3


and at the end of the movie she waves goodbye to everyone and takes aaron samuels back to africa